Set Fundraising Goals

  • Obtain approval to hold your fundraising sale and pick dates you want to sell. We recommend you hold the fundraiser for 2-3 weeks.
  • We will provide you with free samples, advertising sheets and bonus sheets you can hang up.
  • Designate who will be the fundraising chairperson or chairpeople and we will work directly with them. They will have our direct contact information.
  • Set financial goals and objectives so that all participants will be motivated to obtain these goals.

Call to Schedule your Fundraiser

  • Contact us at (781) 956-6884 and a specialist will walk you through the entire process.
  • We will ship everything you need to be successful. We will enclose order forms, sample kits, advertising sheets and a copy of a parent letter free of charge.
  • The order form will be simple and have pictures and all the information of what is in the “Grown Your Own Christmas Tree Kit”.

Organize Your Sale

  • Show the sample kits to all that are participating. Hang up advertising sheets throughout the school and at local stores.  On the bottom of the advertising sheet, write the dates of the fundraising sale.
  • Promote your sale on Facebook, e-mail, school events, school craft fairs.

Start Your Sale

  • Hold a kickoff meeting with your entire group. At the meeting, give each student a sales/order sheet and a copy of the Parent letter.
  • We do not encourage or advise students going door to door.
  • Emphasize to your students the dates that the fundraising starts and ends. Also, emphasize when order forms and the money is due.
  • Have all check made payable to your organization, not to

Submit Your Order Form

  • When your sale is complete, send in your Master Order Form.
  • Group Check – Once your order has been finalized, send us the total that is due to Keep the profits that you calculated on the Master Form. Make Checks Payable To

What Our Customers Say :

““I am a botanist, and I always like to keep our atmosphere and surroundings field with productive trees and plants. When I heard about Stephen and Stacey’s idea of a fundraising campaign for trees, I got excited with joy and showed great interest to invest with them in their campaign.”