School Fundraisers

As Katrina Mayers said: “Time spent among trees is never wasted time.”

Trees for education want to spark the idea of eco-friendly school fundraisers where the environment is benefitted in the most educating ways. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a school fundraiser idea that did something great for the environment while raising the money needed to sustain the educational needs of children simultaneously?

Fundraising is vital to the success of any organization, so you want to select a program that will allow your organization to profit from the funds. At the same time, you need to keep fundraising as simple as possible for your group members and want to provide people with something of real value which is solicited during your fundraising drive. Trees for Education tree kits provide a unique idea for school fundraising to generate revenue while doing something good both for the planet and your supporters while making sure that fundraising is as easy as can be.

It is one great way to contributes positively to the environment to have the kids conduct a plant a tree fundraising campaign. The kids will enjoy this and people are more apt to participate if has a solid, visible, lasting effect in the community!