Treesforeducation Christmas Tree Kit has an aim to give your holidays the perfect essence of Christmas Eve. The packaging of the box is bright and shiny to it the excellent gift for your family. Besides family, you can also send our tree kit to your teachers, employees, and your loved ones.

Our tree kits are 100% organic and made with recycled materials. From packaging to manufacturing, we use natural and biodegradable jiffy pot. Our box and book comprise of recycled materials, and we also try to keep our packaging in minimalistic format to reduce the wastage of recycled materials.

Follow these steps to grow your own tree:

1. Expel disk from inside jiffy pot.
2. Put your jiffy pot with Soil Enchantment Pellet in a shallow dish.
3. Fill the pot with warm water and watch the Soil Enchantment Pellet grow to fill the tree pot!
4. Place the seeds directly under the surface of the dirt and place in a bright

Regardless of whether you handpick a similar kind of Christmas tree species every year or just run with the first that emerges, the truth is that there are numerous tree kinds from which to pick.

What Our Customers Say :

““I am a botanist, and I always like to keep our atmosphere and surroundings field with productive trees and plants. When I heard about Stephen and Stacey’s idea of a fundraising campaign for trees, I got excited with joy and showed great interest to invest with them in their campaign.”