1) Once you receive your tree kit remove the seedling from the plastic sleeve. Place the seedling directly into the jiffy pot.
Open soil medium and place soil around the plug/roots of the seedling.

2) lightly water the soil over the the sink or a plant saucer. This will prevent any water leakage onto your personal belongings.

3) Store seedling in a cool place to keep soil plug moist. If seedling is being used for the purpose of planting outside once you follow steps 1
and 2 then place the jiffy pot outside standing directly up and in the outside elements. The seedlings are currently dormant and will remain that
way in cold weather climates until spring arrives.

4) Once your ground has thawed dig a hole the size of the jiffy pot. Remove the soil and plug from the pot and place directly into the hole up to the top of the roots.

5) Water tree as needed. We would suggest a few times a week for at least the first year. Just add enough water to moisten the roots.

What Our Customers Say :

““I am a botanist, and I always like to keep our atmosphere and surroundings field with productive trees and plants. When I heard about Stephen and Stacey’s idea of a fundraising campaign for trees, I got excited with joy and showed great interest to invest with them in their campaign.”