We set out from the very beginning to create A new, educational and fun way for schools to raise important funds. Our GROW YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS TREE KIT will sure bring a smile to every one’s face. Each kit contains a real live evergreen seedling that was grown from seed on our farm in Maine. Each tree took around 2 years to grow. This kit is designed to be a no hassle, turn key fun way to raise money. We also included a planting container as well as soil so each tree can be planted immediately. Inside we enclosed care instructions and a Fun Fact Sheet that explains the type of tree and the most common uses for that particular species. The packaging is beautifully designed and will be sure to impress any of your customers.

What Our Customers Say :

““I am a botanist, and I always like to keep our atmosphere and surroundings field with productive trees and plants. When I heard about Stephen and Stacey’s idea of a fundraising campaign for trees, I got excited with joy and showed great interest to invest with them in their campaign.”